How it Works

How it Works

This is where profitability starts!

To earn from Assurance FX you will have to become a member by signing up. It is free to signup. All deposits a member makes is called a contribution to the pool of funds managed by Assurance FX. For each deposit a member earns a guaranteed 2% returns every month for 6 months after which the capital is returned or re-invested depending on your choice. The earnings can be withdrawn any time. The following steps explains how to start earning.

Signup to Become a Member

Only members earn from Assurance FX...and to become a member is free. Signup here. After registration you will be taken to your member area where you can monitor your investments.

Make a Deposit

In your member area there is a link that takes you to a deposit page where you will see our Bitcoin account details. Make a deposit to any of the account and fill a deposit notification form on the same page to let us know of your payment. The minimum investment is $1000. Your deposit should appear in your member area within a few hours of its confirmation

Monitor your Earnings from your Member Area

Your deposit starts to earn everyday of the week excluding weekends. Your daily earnings will be added to your member area at the close of every trading day.

Withdraw your Earnings

You can withdraw your earning at any time to your Bitcoin account. Every withdrawal request is processed within a maximum of 24 hours. There is no minimum withdrawal.

Re-invest or Withdraw Capital at Maturity

After 12 months of earning your deposit will stop earning. You will have to decide whether to re-invest or withdraw it. In either case just a click of a button will get the job done.

Over $4 trillion traded daily in the FX/Cryptocurrency Market

Earn a consistent
2% Monthly Returns

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