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The Nature Of Our Business

At AssuranceFX we aim to provide exceptional investment returns in the forex market. The trading strategy that we've developed for our managed forex fund is based on predicting trends that occur naturally in the foreign exchange market. Our clients' financial growth is our motivation to succeed and to achieve the highest standard available in forex asset management. At AssuranceFX our assurance is our experience!

Our Goal

Our highest priority is to provide our clients with above average returns as well as the best level of customer service.

Our Experience

Our managed forex accounts' success stems from over 12 years of trading experience in Canada. Our traders' diverse background covers many areas of the financial industry including stocks, futures and options. Since inception our forex team has achieved some of the highest returns in the business.

Our Strategy

We've taken trading to a whole new level with our stategy which uses price, time and cycle analysis. Our trading algorithms are not based on traditional techniques, but rather mathematical, statistical and technical analysis models which have been combined to yield excellent results.

We look forward to serving you.

AssuranceFX Team- The top performing managed forex account!


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